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The region of Dobrinjština abounds in natural beauties, cultural phenomena and curious details. However, there is something that this region lacks. Nevertheless, this shortcoming, figuratively speaking, has been turned into an advantage.

Dobrinjština has no hotel accommodation. That is why private accommodation has emerged as an adequate alternative to hotels. In the beginning these were rooms with breakfast included, followed by apartments, later private campsites were also added and, more recently, holiday homes mostly located in the hinterland have appeared as an ideal choice of accommodation. What all of them have in common is the fact that they are decorated in the authentic style, i.e. their original shape characteristic of this region has been restored. A touch of modernity can be seen in the lighting details and quality labels.

As for this last trace of modernity, all accommodation capacities have at least three stars, the majority four and some of them even five stars.

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