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A little bit of something for everyone – this might be the shortest description of the cultural and entertainment offer during the summer months. And this is really the only way to describe the wide range of events accompanying the tourist season in Dobrinjsko, regardless of whether these are new events or have already become traditional.

The main folk festivities are the already mentioned Stipanja (St. Stephen’s Day Feast) and Rokova (St. Rocco’s Day Feast), but, just as the famous Croatian song says, “every village has its own festivity” (svako misto svoju feštu ima). And since the existence and livelihood of these villages depend on the sea, weekly summer festivities are organized in Šilo, Čižići, Klimno and Soline accompanied by authentic dishes and seafood.

Those who prefer a different type of entertainment will not be denied their share of amusement since classical music concerts and evenings of a cappella songs are regularly organized here during the summer months as well. The museums and ethnographic collections in Dobrinj are also open to visitors and the galleries in Šilo and Dobrinj display exhibitions of various artistic styles. The cultural summer in Dobrinjsko also offers entertainment for the youngest members of the audience such as performances for pre-school and school children, and for the last few years Šilo has been organizing highly-visited creative workshops and a mini sports competition in water and land-based games.

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