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Climate and Nature

The whole Primorje-Gorski Kotar County is known as the “blue-green” county. Dobrinjština is also covered in those colours, and the colours are distributed equally so the picture of this region is painted in the same ratio of blue and green.

Together with bays and coves with protected (and hidden from curious looks) beaches as well as favourable weather and climate conditions, this interplay of colours that has painted the natural beauties of the Dobrinj region is exactly one of its main selling points when it comes to tourism. On the one hand, there are rich pine forests, both aesthetical and practical, and on the other, there are deciduous forests.


The tree of peace, i.e. the olive tree, is a common gem that adorns this region, just like a plethora of other decorative and medical plants and spices.

The sycamore trees that are the topic of several folk songs surround Placa, the main square in Dobrinj, just like the pine forests surround and protect the bathers from the outside world.

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