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Being on holiday does not mean resting. At least not in the way it was once implied. Holidays are becoming more active, which relaxes the spirit and relieves whatever was troubling it. By understanding the needs of the modern man, tourism stakeholders in Dobrinjština enrich their offer with details that make holidays more attractive, more interesting and thus more useful every year. Here is how and where you can spend active holidays in Dobrinjština and relax and strengthen your body and spirit!



A long time ago Jules Verne took his readers on a journey to the centre of the earth. This imaginary story has inspired many adventurers to set out on a similar journey, at least in their imagination only. Those wishing to travel to the depths of the sea are not a minority any more, and the secret underwater world is becoming less secret. Diving is becoming an important feature of active holidays; sea depths attract a growing number of the curious who turn from merely passive onlookers into underwater enthusiasts.


The nature has made sure that the majority of the trails in Dobrinjština can be used regardless of whether you are a stroller, hiker or cyclist. Thanks to the popularisation of cycling as a sport and a form of recreation, there is a number of cycling events on the whole island, including in the region of Dobrinjština, such as the popular spring and autumn bike tours which are the reason why the season begins earlier and ends later.

Izlet brodom

Boat excursions

You can also explore a part of the region of Dobrinjština from the sea-bound point of view. In that way you can travel even further, outside of the island of Krk, thanks to organised boat excursions. And the excursion boats themselves are a special part of the story: they are mostly old boats which have been family heritage for generations and whose current owners have given them a new, modern look and a new role.

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