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The lack of hotel accommodation has not been a shortcoming for the Dobrinj region. On the contrary, it has just marked the direction that the local tourism has taken. Although open to innovations, the tourist offer of Dobrinjsko consciously and intentionally preserves the relics and values of the past and local history in many aspects, which is reflected in the accommodation as well.

In the last few years, the private accommodation offer in Dobrinjsko has been turning back to its beginnings, i.e. to the summer seasons when the first tourists were staying with families and in a way made a part of their everyday lives. That is why the so-called “holiday homes” are becoming an increasingly common and desired form of accommodation. These are private houses, mostly located in the hinterland, which provide everything that a rural surrounding implies.

When your alarm clock is replaced by roosters or birds, when you fall asleep in a modern and wake up in what seems an imaginary and yet a real world, the summer holiday away from the present time and space truly becomes a holiday for your body and soul. Apart from rural tourism, there are also apartments and bed and breakfasts to choose from, as well as the possibility to rent rooms with or without breakfast.

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