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Despite its many benefits and advantages, there is something that Dobrinjština does not have – hotel accommodation. However, this fact has not been something negative, but it has rather turned into an advantage. Dobrinjština is a perfect choice for those who seek relaxation for their body and soul, and this type of holiday is becoming increasingly more common due to our modern lifestyle.

Except private accommodation in apartments, bed and breakfasts and rooms, tourists in Dobrinjsko can also stay in the so-called “holiday homes”, whose interior and exterior decoration evoke the past of Dobrinjsko.

For those who prefer camping tourism, Dobrinjština offers two modern camps with state-of-the-art equipment. Camp Slamni in Klimno, and car camp Tiha in Šilo. Whichever camp you choose, be sure that you will stay in one of the most visited and most popular camps on the island of Krk according to the statistics!

Camp Slamni in Klimno

The four-star Camp Slamni in Klimno owes its name to its geographic position since it partly extends into a bay of the same name, the Slamni Bay, the main feature of which is a pebble beach. Due to its offer, from accommodation to recreational amenities, the camp Slamni is known as a family, relaxation and health camp.

Kamp Slamni ****
Klimno 8A, 51514 Dobrinj
Phone: +385 51 853-169
Fax: +385 51 853-178

Car camp Tiha in Šilo

Camp Tiha in Šilo will satisfy the needs of those camping enthusiasts who seek either a recreational or a more passive type of holiday equally well. In the camp you can relax in your own or rented camper vans or you can also rent apartments and thus combine apartment and camping accommodation.

Kamp Tiha ***
Konjska bb, 51515 Šilo
Phone: +385 51 852-120, 850-234
Fax: +385 51 850-259



A pebble beach, tennis courts and a pine forest, which guarantees not only the much-needed shade but also privacy, are just a part of the offer of one of the most visited campsites on the island of Krk.

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