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The conveniences that modern people enjoy and without which it is virtually impossible to imagine our everyday life are the result of advances in civilisation. Nevertheless, there is something else that this surge of novelties inevitably implies – the loss of authenticity. The village of Rudine is one of the few examples of the places where civilisation has not managed to prevail over the authentic. We can really say that Rudine is a true relic of the past. Authentic local architecture, coexistence with the nature, livelihood dependant on the nature alone – it is enough to step into this picturesque village nearby Čižići to learn that this description of Rudine is accurate.

Although there are only a few of them, the permanent residents of Rudine live their everyday life following in their ancestors’ footsteps, barely allowing civilisation to brush against their lives. Maybe it is precisely this rampart of authenticity that has kept the secret of the cleanliness of the sea, which is never dirty, never a step away from its trademark – clarity.

But it is not only the secret of the sea’s clarity and cleanliness that is hidden here; buried much deeper there is a secret of a hidden treasure, lying in the depths of the Biserujka cave. If you come to Rudine you should not miss the opportunity to visit this interesting nature’s creation, which is also called the Vitezić cave. Together with rare animal and plant species, Biserujka hides a real, tangible treasure in its depths. Truth be told, no one has managed to find or touch it yet, but it exits – the legend has it that it was hidden there by pirates centuries ago, with the intention of returning for it one day. But they have never returned. Many individuals have followed the traces of the legend into Biserujka, but the search has so far been unsuccessful. Nevertheless, it is worth a try. And even if you do not manage to find the treasure in the form of jewels and gold coins, one thing is certain: you may return form Rudine empty-handed, but your soul will be full. Because today it is almost impossible to experience the authenticity of life as it used to be in all its forms. Rudine continue to disprove this fact, and its residents, although few, still guard the past.

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