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Not only individual experiences confirm the long-time thesis about the healing properties of the mud from the Meline beach. Medical profession has confirmed it too – it has been confirmed from the medical point of view that the mud is indeed healing and that it mitigates or fully eliminates different forms of rheumatism and even some skin diseases.  The Soline Bay is thus becoming an increasingly attractive summer destination, and apart from the “healing” centre of Meline, other villages located along the Bay – Soline, Čižići and Klimno – also offer a cure for your body and soul.

The names of the villages in this Bay are partly determined by their natural significance:

  • Meline used to be the centre for exporting sand in the ancient times and later it became known for its brick factory.
  • The princes of the Frankopan family from Krk had their widely known salt pans in Soline.
  • The shipbuilding centre, Klimno, was named after the Chapel of Saint Clement.
  • Linguists are still debating the name of the village Čižići.

Due to its geographic position (a closed bay with shallow sea) and climate characteristics (generally pleasant sea temperature), the bathing season in the Soline Bay starts early in the spring and lasts until late autumn, which is, in addition to the healing mud, yet another selling point in the tourist offer of this region.

Another soul-healing oasis is located just a few kilometres away from Čižići. It is the village of Rudine, which is specific for its intact, authentic scenery. Local architecture has remained preserved in its original form for a century and even longer. Neither the passing of time nor the changes in weather heave managed to damage it. Except with the authentic work of nature and its sandy beach, Rudine also attracts with its hidden treasure. And the legend has it that the treasure rests in the Biserujka Cave, one of the most visited caves in Croatia. It was hidden there in ancient times by pirates, and the time will show who and when will (if ever!) find it…

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Although the primary meaning of the word “holiday” is always the same, the word itself and its importance in the sense of tourism have changed significantly. The holiday does not imply only the sea, first row by the sea, summer hustle and lots of fun anymore. The holiday has taken on different characteristics lately. The holiday for the body and soul and opportunities for recharging the batteries are becoming increasingly sought after and found in the hinterland villages. The Dobrinjština hinterland is thus becoming more popular and more attractive. Holiday homes with all the accompanying amenities such as pools, but also with details evoking the life as it used to be, are becoming the first choice for those seeking a holiday for all their senses.

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