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As we know, history is the teacher of life. It records, reminds and evokes. Through epochs, it stores experiences for the pledge of future. Each person in a way leaves a piece of themselves in every time period – either in the material or the spiritual form. That is how, through the role of people, the history of the region in which they have left a permanent part of themselves is created. That is how stories continuously recorded by history are made. That is how values are created, values which are the pride of a certain region, which are the reason to visit, get to know and experience precisely that area … And the word “experience” is the best invitation to our region, Dobrinjština, as we call it colloquially.

History has spread its cape widely over the administrative centre Dobrinj as well as the surrounding twenty or so villages. By visiting our region, you will experience the past in the true sense of the word. The past has not remained just the past here, just a point at the end of an epoch. The past is omnipresent here in the everyday life of this area and its people. Time cannot be turned back, but the past can truly be revived. To visit our region means to experience the past.

Welcome to this experience!

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