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The Dobrinjština Hinterland offers its guests an insight into the region’s past. If you opt for private accommodation in Sužan, Tribulje, Klanice, Gabonjin, Kras, Rasopasno or Sveti Ivan, in the morning you will be awaken by roosters, during the day you will observe (and maybe wish to participate in) village activities, and the pleasant summer evenings will be even more pleasant with a game of boules, a glass of wine and a little chat, regardless of language barriers. You can literally step into the past by walking through the “Park and trail of the Glagolitic script” in Gabonjin – two unique projects in Croatia that serve as reminders of the beginnings of Croatian literacy.

The marks that the nature has left throughout centuries can be seen all over the hinterland, in the form of “masterpieces” of local architecture. These are the so-called gromače, grumače or suhozidi in standard Croatian, which means “drywalls”.

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In the Dobrinjština hinterland there is a piece of heaven on earth. But in case you want to escape that kind of heaven in search of a heaven intended for adventurers, in particular those seeking the hustle, the path to the fun hub is not a long one. In that way, you can combine both of these components in your holiday – depending on the moment and your affinities. This is also one of the advantages of the Dobrinjština hinterland – it is far away but close, and at the same time close but far away…

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