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The shortest description of Dobrinjština would simply be – the unity of diversity. This well-known and widely used phrase is the most accurate description of Dobrinj, a small town in the middle of the island, and its surrounding villages.  The combination of the archaic and the contemporary, the past and the present, the traditional and the modern – this is what joins the twenty or so settlements into a harmonious whole called Dobrinjština.  So those seeking a break and a holiday under the cape of past, as well as those who prefer more modern types of relaxation for their body and soul will find what they are looking for by choosing Dobrinjština.  Because this region has it all: the peace of the hinterland, the sea and the accompanying joys of the seaside destinations.  An evenly distributed colour palette that the nature used to paint the characteristics of this region contributes to this – blue and green, the sea and the nature. It is up to you to decide and choose your colour!

Whichever you choose, you will not make a mistake!

Uvala Slivanjska
Plaža Meline
Plaža Vela Riva
Plaža Slamni
Plaža Škojić
Plaža Mala plaža
Plaža Konjska
Uvala Vetrna
Karta plaža


Dobrinj and its surroundings offer numerous possibilities for active holidays to all those who wish to enjoy new, exciting experiences! Unforgettable moments are just a weekend away from you.

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