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Location: Hinterland, N 45 06.758, E 14 36.612

The abandoned village of Dolova or the enchanted island forest, as concluded by an excursionist who turned from the main road between Kras and Dobrinj onto a forest path that led him to the died-out village of Dolova. In that village, the oral legend says, lived some of the most beautiful girls of the Dobrinj Region. Maybe the secret to their beauty lay in the waterfalls of Vretenica or Skakavica, the two water springs found not far from Dolova?! Or maybe it really is an enchanted forest, just like the one from the fairytales, hiding a sleeping beauty?! The doors to the abandoned houses are wide open and if you find a sleeping beauty inside, you will definitely find the secret to beauty, the beauty of living in an authentic natural environment, which disappeared in the second half of the 20th century with the last inhabitants of Dolova.

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