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Religious museum

Location: DOBRINJ, N 45 07.828, E 14 36.201

Who/what connects Dobrinj and London? The answer is: Paolo Veneziano, a famous artist. His antependium called the Coronation of Mary (Krunjenje Djevice Marije) dating from the 14th century is a priceless work of art proclaimed a cultural monument and the most significant exhibit of the religious collection housed within the Parish Building. An identical antependium designed by the same artist is found in London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. In addition to the antependium (which was found by coincidence as a doormat in a family home), the Dobrinj Religious Collection also preserves old scripts written in the Glagolitic alphabet, the reliquary of Saint Ursula (Sveta Uršula) and procession crucifixion crosses presenting crucified Jesus on one side and his mother Mary on the other as collection curiosities!

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