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Rudine and Cave Biserujka

Location: Soline, N 45° 11.246', E 14° 36.587

It is impossible to resist the progress of civilisation, or maybe it is? A few (literally a few!) permanent inhabitants of one village on the eastern part of the island of Krk would replace the word ‘maybe’ with ‘certainly’. More precisely, although keeping pace with the times, the village of Rudine still walks the paths of old or even ancient times and preserves the original architecture. Not only that: the nearby Biserujka Cave (Špilja Biserujka) of 110 metres in length has for centuries been hiding a pirate treasure in its depths. No one has been able to find it yet. Maybe you will be so lucky as to find that treasure and the permanent inhabitant of the Biserujka Cave, the endemic and only 5 mm long crab of the Alpioniscus christiani species!

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