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Vela gromača and remnnants of the chapel of Saint George

Location: Hinterland, N 45 06.554, E 14 36.509, N 45 06.709E 14 36.347

Gromače or drywalls are one of the distinct features of the island of Krk. The largest example of this type of folk architecture on the island is the so-called ‘Vela gromača’. It is located close to Kras, on the highest summit of Dobrinj Region, known as Kuševica (311 asl). The locals call this part of the Dobrinj Region Sveti Juraj (Saint George). The remnants of a Romanic chapel dedicated to the victorious saint in the fight against a dragon, Saint George, is also found in the vicinity of Vela gromača. It dates from 1230.

Vela gromača – N 45 06.554, E 14 36.509
Chapel of Saint George – N 45 06.709E 14 36.347

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