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Infeld gallery

Location: DOBRINJ, N 45 07.818, E 14 36.217

At the beginning of the 20th century, one of the main Dobrinj attractions was the house of sailor Franjo Vušković. From the outside, it attracted attention with the style of construction and the colourfulness of the façade, while from the inside one could hear the sounds which intensified the general impression. Those were the mixed sounds of the gramophone music and the song of a parrot that Franjo Vušković brought from one of his journeys. Ninety years later, one of the greatest world art collectors restored the house’s original exterior and expanded its interior to more than 400 sq m. Thanks to now deceased Peter Infeld, the so-called “Lady of Dobrinj” (“dobrinjska dama”) attracts with its beauty once again, alluring an increasing number of visitors.

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