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Chapel of Saint Clement and the glagolitic inscription

Location: Soline, N 45 09.315, E 14 37.215

Only one chapel under the protectorate of the Krk Diocese is dedicated to Saint Clement (Sveti Klement), a Roman bishop and St. Peter’s disciple. This miniature yet precious Romanic building stands in the centre of Klimno, a village named after the chapel that was first mentioned in 1381. Small in size, the Chapel of Saint Clement (Crkvica Svetog Klementa) boasts a valuable Baroque altar relief painting proclaimed a national cultural monument. The Chapel of Saint Clement in Klimno belonged in its beginnings to the Malatestinić family from the nearby village of Soline. The then respectable and, judging by all, wealthy family is remembered to this day. Their surname is engraved in cuneiform Glagolitic letters on the transom of a house standing not far away from the chapel. The year 1514 is inscribed next to the surname Malatestinić.

Church of Saint Clement – N 45 09.315, E 14 37.215
Glagolitic inscription – N 45 09.292, E 14 37.220

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